Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Volcanic Scam

I heard there are a few people selling stones extracted from the valcanos. The stones costs about RM 500 per piece. It is claimed that these stones can cure many sicknesses. One of the salesmen met his match when he tried to sell it to a friend of mine, Ah Pek.

The salesman told Ah Pek that the stone can cure many deceases and many people had bought it. Ah Pek quickly took out his hand phone and started dialling. The salesman asked him who he was calling. Ah Pek told him that he was calling his son. The salesman asked why. Ah Pek said he wanted to tell his son to quit medical school then and start selling the stone.

As far as I know, Ah Pek's son is in a private college studying accountancy.

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