Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day Light Robbery!

My ex-boyfriend had to go to the income tax department to endorse a document yesterday. After the endorsement, the officer asked my ex to make a copy of the document because he needed a copy for his record. So, my ex had to go the copier just beside the dept (which is owned by the dept also) and they charged 20 cents per copy. The copy came out with a line. The operator asked my ex, "How?" My ex told her, "My original does not have any line. If the copy comes out with a line, you have to make another copy lah! Furthermore, you are charging 20 cents per copy. This is day light robbery!" So, she reluctantly made another copy. My ex paid only 20 cents lah!

Question from the rakyat :
1) If the officer needs a copy, why can't he make a copy himself?
2) Why are they charging 100% more than outside? Why are they even charging?
3) If you go to any other shop and the copy comes out dirty, they will automatically make another copy for you without extra charges. Do they need to ask how?

Note : ex-boyfriend = hubby

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