Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Doctor vs Adapter

One of our colleagues, James Hsieh, is a Taiwanese staying in US. On his first business trip to India, he was so sick that he had to stay in the business hotel bed. He called the operator for a doctor. Below was the conversation:
J (James)
O (Operator)

J : I need "a dahtergh".
O : Ok, sir. Wait a minute. Sir, our record shows that you have "adaterrrr".
J : No, I have not seen "a dahtergh".
O : But sir, our book shows that you HAVE "adaterrr".
J : I have NOT seen one. Don't you think that I would have known if I have seen one?
O : Ok, ok sir. We will send one right up.

5 minutes later, the bell rang. Struggling to get up under piles of comforter and trying to stay alive, James got up to open the door. There he was. The delivery guy. Standing straight like a pro butler. Holding AN ADAPTER like he was holding diamond in a showroom, "Sir, your "adaterrr"."

We are blessed that James is still alive today.

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