Monday, April 28, 2008

Mouse Alert!

FTZ - 29 Apr
A mouse thief on the run! A mouse has been hijacked from an MNC. The owner, JL found the mouse missing when she came to work this morning. It is believed that the mouse could have been taken away by any passers-by. JL claimed she has already put a spell on the mouse since the day she held the little poor thing. Whoever the mouse ended up with other than the owner, his/her pc will CRASH within the day. However, JL indicated that she is willing to undo the spell if the mouse is returned to her within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, she would also like to appeal to the public to DONATE generously in order for her to upgrade the mouse and its accessories like the mouse pad, the hardware that it is connected to (aka the notebook), the charger, the docking station and/or the carry bag. She can be reached at Only genuine donors will be shortlisted. Have a heart, people!

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