Saturday, April 26, 2008

Don't Drink and Drive

Who came up with this phrase? I don't think it conveys the message that it has been intended to very well. If it is meant to advise us not to drive under the influence of alcohol, shouldn't the word "drunk" be used instead of "drink"?

One regular drinker commented, "I don't drink and drive. It's dangerous to do other things when driving. I drink......then only I drive."

So, maybe "Don't drive if drunk"? Then you may say that you had a few drinks but you are not drunk. In that case, you should be pretty good in walking heels to toes in a straight line. BUT you should definitely be damn good in blow job to pass the machine.

Whatever it is, DRIVE SAFELY. At times, DEATH is a better alternative than living in eternal agony for your family, your victim or your victim's family and especially for yourself.

If only you knew...but you did know.

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