Monday, April 21, 2008

Kung Fu in the Ladies Room

I don't like the sitting public toilet bowl. I only like to sit at home. Outside, I like to squat. Unfortunately, most public toilets have the sitting ones except those on highways. It's puzzling why the sitting ones are preferred to the squating ones. Is it more expansive to install the squating one? Is the squating one messier? Don't they realize that we are scared of the possibility of life threatening germs jumping hosts?

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that we ladies always have to practise Kung Fu when confronted with the bowl. Half squating while ensuring our clothes do not touch the bowl and also trying not to spill over are not easy tasks, ok?! These need years and years of practice. Some mastered it, a lot didn't. To those who did, BRAVO! To those who have not, wipe your FALLOUTS!

Some also practise another style of Kung Fu, standing ON the toilet seat. To those, I hope one day, both your legs will fall into the bowl.

Anyone have had to do a biggie in one of those dirty sitting toilet bowl? That was a real BIG challenge!

Note: It is neither in nor chic nor cool to sit on a toilet bowl while eating from a toilet bowl. If you really want to know which restaurant has this concept, let me know.

Update: To Edwina who thinks that the bowl is better coz less chance of one's shoes getting wet,
next time, don't wait until your bladder is about to burst.
Well, most of the time the squating ones are wet and you don't know if those are water or wee-ter. Sigh...


Immortal said...

didn't know u're a blogger

Jesie said...

started a week ago, thanks to Fun. Now I kept on n on n on. Wait n see when the chicken shit will cool down.

Jesie said...

Dear immortal, who r u? I m a mortal. Dunno that many immortals.