Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tricky questions my husband avoided

W - Wife, H - Hubby

W : Am I the prettiest one compred to the many ex-girlfriends you had?
H : Yes, you are the prettiest one.
W: And how many girlfriend you had before me?

H : No, you are not the prettiest one.
W : No, what do you mean no! Huh! *(^&&*$%@##@

W : If I die 1st, would you marry another?
H : Yes.
W: What! How are dare you?! How long have you been thinking about marrying another one?

H : No. I will die 1st with all your questions.
W : ^%#^%$#!@!

W : If both your mother and I fall into the sea at the same time, who would you rescue 1st?
H : I will rescue both of you together. (Thinking..... then I will jump instead)

My husband's answer to all the above questions, "I am not going to fall into your traps!"
My thought, "Heh! We will see about that!"

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