Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yeah! 2009


Everyone and everywhere say 2009 is going to be a tough year. Well, like it or not, it's here.



Wealth. :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A simple thank you will ungateful SOTB!!!

You know ah...some people ah...think that other should do something for them. They show no littlest sign of appreciation. Yesterday, I held the door for a teenage boy, he just took a glance at me and turned away. "A simple thank you will do." These words choked in my throat. If he was not taught manners in school or at home, I am not going to hint to him that these words are one of the essence of success. What has happened to a little bit of courtesy? Once, I called a teenage girl who had left her drinking bottle on a table. She just rushed back and took it. Yup! Not deaf but dumb. A stranger beside me said, "How come she didn't say thank you?" We just shook our heads.

That brings out the question of whose fault it is. I say it's the parents.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Major flaw revealed in Internet Explorer; users urged to switch

I have abandoned IE long time ago.

The major press outlets are abuzz this morning with news of a major new security flaw that affects all versions of Internet Explorer from IE5 to the latest beta of IE8. The attack has serious and far-reaching ramifications -- and they're not just theoretical attacks. In fact, the flaw is already in wide use as a tool to steal online game passwords, with some 10,000 websites infected with the code needed to take advantage of the hole in IE.

Virtually all security experts (as well as myself) are counseling users to switch to any other web browser -- none of the others are affected, including Firefox, Chrome, and Opera -- at least for the time being, though Microsoft has stubbornly said it "cannot recommend people switch due to this one flaw." Microsoft adds that it is working on a fix but has offered no ETA on when that might happen. Meanwhile it offers some suggestions for a temporary patch, including setting your Internet security zone settings to "high" and offering some complicated workarounds. (Some reports state, however, that the fixes do not actually work.)

Expedient patching or switching are essential. Security pros fear that the attack will soon spread beyond the theft of gaming passwords and into more criminal arenas, as the malicious code can be placed on any website and can be adapted to steal any password stored or entered using the browser. It's now down to the issue of time: Will Microsoft repair the problem and distribute a patch quickly enough to head off the tsunami of fraud that's about to hit or will it come too late to do any good?

Meanwhile, I'll reiterate my recommendation: Switch from Internet Explorer as soon as you can. You can always switch back once the threat is eliminated. (To clarify: You don't need to uninstall IE, just don't use it for the time being.)

Friday, December 12, 2008

If God does not give you a miracle,

maybe you are a miracle for someone else.

Nick Vujicic

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Freedom of speech or after speech???

Many times we see these words, "freedom of speech". Many fight for it. I have just come to realize that there is NO such thing as freedom of speech. We will always have freedom of speech unless someone shut our months and ties our hands when we want to say something. It is the fear of no freedom AFTER the speech that deters us from speaking up. So, next time, we should not be fighting for freedom of speech but freedom after speech.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Landslide vs don't pressure the government

Yesterday, a massive landslide killed 5 people, injured 14, destroyed 14 houses, trapped 2000 residents in KL. The area is not for any Tom, Dick or Harry but those with certain amount of wealth and status. The local newspaper carried the news with pictures of crying victims and their relatives. Of course, the politicians also came out with concern looks. One headline caught my eyes. Beneath our PM's statement, "Stop all hillside projects", there is a small print, "Don't pressure government on building permits for hillside development", quoted by our dear Deputy PM aka PM in waiting. Hmm...Who can pressure the government to issue permit if they know certain areas are dangerous for housing development? If they don't know, then the relevant dept had not done their job to ensure our safety before issuing the permit for hillside housing. How to pressure? What else? Money lah! So, don't blame the rakyat for wanting nice views or the developer wanting profits. No permit, no house. No house, no death. Period.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Warning! Parents Be Nice!

A lot of parents often forget that their children are at the mercy of the teachers in the classroom. We, parents and teachers, are all human beings with good days and bad ones. Don't let the teachers feel bad about you, parents. You may think that the world is under your feet in your own egoistic little heads and you are better than the poor underpaid & lowly educated teachers. In actual fact, there are still some good professional and caring teachers out there and some lunatics too. That ratio is probably the same as those of parents though.

When your children come home with no physical bruises, you may felt satisfied like a winner in your fight with their teacher this morning or yesterday. You may think that you are right after all. Just bear in mind, verbal insults may often be as damaging as physical ones. Like you parents, not many people including teachers can take insults constructively. In your absence, a lot of things can happen. You have to be very tactful and humble when you talk to the teachers. You have nothing to lose except you ego but you have everything to gain. Everyone of us wants to be respected but we should give some respect to others as well. A little kindness goes a long way.

A wise person acts wisely in every situation, even if it may require him to swallow his words and retreat.