Wednesday, July 9, 2008

High Stake Child's Play

Nowadays you don't have to swtich on the TV to watch the Cantonese drama. You can see or hear it on the streets. Our politicians are playing it quite well. Murder, sex, accusations, allegations and conspirations are in for the nation. Maybe these were played silently in the past but for the past 6 months, the dramas are getting more and more spicy. One day, a polition claimed that another politician did someting. The next day, the other one denied and then said that he did even worst things. Then, a third person said that he can vouched to the allegations. Then in less than 24 hours, the third person retracted his statement and after that went in hiding. Then a 23 year-old aid said that he was sodomized by the politicians. Everyone claims conspiracy. Everyone claims innocent. Not me. He did it. No, not me. He did it. I didn't do it because he did it to me 1st. I did it because he actually did it. I good, he devil. Well...of course these are childish words. The politicians used better English or Bahasa.

Recently, a few commentars have started to say that a lot of people are getting fed up with the stories. Are we? Anyway, we are definitely ignoring the more fundamental issues. Poverty within the community is not highlighted. Developments in the story lines are bold printed in the front page with bigger fonts while developments for the nations have to be squeezed somewhere in between. The advantage of political stability for investment has been shakened by these plays.

But then again, we are still glued to the least I still am.
1) Can a 23 year-old man be sodomized by forced by a 60+ man with a neck problem?
2) How can a proclaimed shivering and frightenening lamb be shouting harsh remarks in his girl frined's blog to his sodomizer? Not afraid anymore?
3) Why isn't the famous blogger caught and thrown to the dungeon with his false statutory declaration while he was caught and charged earlier for writing a not-so-law-binding articles in his blog?
4) How can "the law & order" claimed that only 3 people were involved in a questionable murder case even before the trial has started?
5) So, who ordered and took out C4? Tell me, tell me.
6) Why do I have to pay for higher oil price when I produce the oil? I love this story. Ahmad catches fish from the sea. He sells it to me for $10 each. Then someone in the nearby village sells the same fish for $12. So, Ahmad decides to sell $12 too. He said if he sells it to me at $10, he will lose $2. He cannot afford to subsidize me $2 or else he will go bankrupt. So, the question is if Ahmad sells the fish at $10, does he earn $10 or lose $2?
7) When is another oil price hike? Don't tell me not in the future. How much higher?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Have no fear, New gadget is here

But I wonder how to refill.

Sticker at the back of cars

On the way to work this morning, I saw these slogan at the back of the car in front of me,

"Born to shop, forced to work"

Then, another car,

"If you can see this, you are too CLOSE"