Sunday, December 7, 2008

Landslide vs don't pressure the government

Yesterday, a massive landslide killed 5 people, injured 14, destroyed 14 houses, trapped 2000 residents in KL. The area is not for any Tom, Dick or Harry but those with certain amount of wealth and status. The local newspaper carried the news with pictures of crying victims and their relatives. Of course, the politicians also came out with concern looks. One headline caught my eyes. Beneath our PM's statement, "Stop all hillside projects", there is a small print, "Don't pressure government on building permits for hillside development", quoted by our dear Deputy PM aka PM in waiting. Hmm...Who can pressure the government to issue permit if they know certain areas are dangerous for housing development? If they don't know, then the relevant dept had not done their job to ensure our safety before issuing the permit for hillside housing. How to pressure? What else? Money lah! So, don't blame the rakyat for wanting nice views or the developer wanting profits. No permit, no house. No house, no death. Period.

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