Sunday, December 21, 2008

A simple thank you will ungateful SOTB!!!

You know ah...some people ah...think that other should do something for them. They show no littlest sign of appreciation. Yesterday, I held the door for a teenage boy, he just took a glance at me and turned away. "A simple thank you will do." These words choked in my throat. If he was not taught manners in school or at home, I am not going to hint to him that these words are one of the essence of success. What has happened to a little bit of courtesy? Once, I called a teenage girl who had left her drinking bottle on a table. She just rushed back and took it. Yup! Not deaf but dumb. A stranger beside me said, "How come she didn't say thank you?" We just shook our heads.

That brings out the question of whose fault it is. I say it's the parents.

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