Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How to find Depression

Depression is self-inflicted. Depression doesn't come to you. You go finding it yourself. Find your path to depression. Record every steps you need to be depressed. When you know how you did it to yourself, then you may find its evil twin, happiness.

Steps to depression:
1) Sink yourself in a gloomy environment. It maybe physical like going to a dark corner of a room or imaginary like a dark corner of your heart.

2) Dwell on the incident(s) that makes you feel bad.

3) Settle for the thought that no one , not even yourself, can help you.

4) Repeatedly think that you are not strong to change anything or you are so helpless because nothing can be changed.

To find the evil twin of depression, REVERSE all of the above. For example 1) physically go to a bright place. 2, 3 & 4, I think, are called the state of mind. Create a switch to reverse these states. It may be funny. But mine is just a simple phrase, "Don't think". When my mind starts to wonder off to the dark side, I will chant in my heart "don't think" about 3 times. That is my switch. Once this is on, the whole room in my heart will brighten up until all I can see is plain white space for me to start anew.

Life is good!

I guess Anger is also self-inflicted. Just that I have not found THE SWITCH. Grr.......

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