Saturday, April 19, 2008 in the morning

Every morning, I donate a few coins to the vending machine outside. If not. I will feel the effect at 3 p.m. after which nothing (except 2 hours of sleep) can reverse the effect.

HOWEVER, I really don't need the coffee from your mouth.

I have smelt coffee from others' mouth before. Although it is not as bad as a burp after a feast of durian, it is not inviting as well. It is unpleasant when you are talking real business like why our revenue is not looking good this quarter, why our expenses are so high, why Oracle sucks, why you look so buzy these days...etc.

So, please rinse your mouth after coffee and before opening your mouth. Alternatively, use yahoo im, msn messenger, skpye, netmeeting, webmeeting, conference calling, gesturing......anything but opening.

Note: this does not apply to those drinking beer or in a pub. You are probably too high to smell anything except a trail of prefume of a young thing walking by.

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