Sunday, May 25, 2008

To commit or not to commit

I came across in the newspaper a few days ago about a woman who had killed her 15 month year old kid and then herself.

I am thinking. A lot of people have suicidal thoughts at least once in their life. Some have it early while some have it when they get old, sick and helpless. So, why some people are able to shake it off while some aren't? Why some see light at the end of the tunnel while others see endless darkness?

For me, the act of committing suicide is not scary. It's what will happen to me after I die that scares me. Some Chinese believe that those who have committed suicide will go over the act again and again until the actual time as written in the "book of live and death" 生死簿" kept by the God of Hell comes. Only then, one's yang life is considered as ended and yin life started. One will then be brought to face judgement in the boot camp aka HELL. Hell does sound condemning but that is because of Christianity interpretation. For Taoism, hell is merely a place when most people go through the eternal cycle of birth, life, death and reincarnation. Not only evil people go to hell in Taoism. As for God of hell, he is merely an administrator who has the task of reforming them and not the evil Saturn.

Anyway, I have sidetracked a bit. What I wanted to say is that to me the uncertainty of life after death is more overwhelming and scary. No one can say for certain what there is installed for me. In that case, I'd rather stay put. Maybe I have not lived in "the living hell" before so I am not sure how one who does would rather end his life. I can understand those hopeless and helpless sick people but for those who did it out of losing lovers, it just mere foolishness. For those who did it because of low grades, it's mere ignorant. Life is not about fate. It is about action and taking charge.

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