Sunday, May 11, 2008


Sometimes we wonder why certain things happen.

Sometimes we don't wonder, we just get mad.

Let's say, you are rushing to work and that stupid car in front of you is so d*** slow. You start to curse and swear.

STOP! Maybe that car is godsent. He may be trying to save you from a fatal accident 100 metres away.

Let's say, suddenly an idiot drops his plant from 10th floor and misses you by an inch. You look up and start to ^&$&*$%@.

STOP! You could have been killed if not for him. If you have moved one more step, it could have been a piano on your head.

Let's say, your wife takes so long to get ready for the party and you are the guest of honour. You start to storm the living room and or blame your mother in law, father in law or ancester in law.

STOP! Your wife may be attracting more contracts for you so that after you make it big, you can dump her for another bimbo.

So, when you think nothing worst/good can happen, think twice. Every cloud has a silver lining or in some cases, GOLD lining or PLATINUM lining. Hoh...hoh...hoh.

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