Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Split Second Mishap

Things we sometimes do when our hands should be on the steering wheel and eyes on the road:

1) Putting on make-up

2) Scratching those hard-to-reach parts of your body

3) Looking at the sweet young thing passing by

4) Changing/Looking for your CDs/radio channel

5) Wearing/Looking for your high heels

6) Feeding the baby (bottle or breast)

7) Blasting your music away to make sure the other drivers can also enjoy the beat (pedepak, pedekpom...)

8) Gobbling down instant noodles, McD, KFC etc

9) Slowing down to see if anyone die

10) Copying down the number plate of the crashed car

11) Tailing the ambulance/police escort

12) Showing the other driver your middle finger

13) using the handset (hands-free or not)

These are only the things I think normal people will do. Of course, there are some weirdos out there who would do more heroic stunts.

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