Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yoga banned for Malaysian Muslim

Sometimes I just don't understand. Why Malaysian Muslims often need to be told what to do and what not to? Can't they think for themselves? Is there any statistic or clear evidence showing that with these rules imposed by the so called knowledgeable person, Muslims are better off compared to other race?

Yesterday, the local newspaper carried the headline, "Yoga banned". The Fatwa Council aka The top knowledgeable one deems this ancient form from India "prohibited". Its chairman said yoga have been practised by the Hindu community for thousands of years and incorporated physical movements, religious elements together with chants and worshipping, with the aim of "being one with God". I guess they cannot tolerate with the fact that God is associated with Hindu. To Muslim, there is only one God i.e. Allah and Allah belongs only to Muslim. They fear that Muslims will deviate from the teachings of Islam. Then, show us many have been deviated. Then, you will shut everyone's mouth.

At one point, there is a suggestion that Muslim women should not wear high heels and lipstick as it will draw bad things to happen to them. Earlier, there is also a suggestion by a youth party that there should be separate queue up lines for Muslim men and women in public places. Of course, these were criticized by many. These rules have not been endorsed yet. Not yet.

I wonder if many will take up qi gong, pilate, tai chi, karate or kung fu instead.

Well...some people just have too much free time and too narrow thinkings. Religion is a believe and no believe can be forced upon. Any forced religion is an insult to the religion itself for not being able to uphold its noble purposes.

Oh yea, let's concentrate on more important issues like financial crisis, unemployment, corruption, global warming, premarital sex, abortion..... you know.....things that really matters......things that can are life threatening......Hello......

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