Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Someone sent me this link http://www.2irc.biz/aboutus.php. It's the website of a new cafe in town.

Read "About Us":
Island Red cafe founded in 2006, use Espresso original culture as
their base, and strategically bring the Italian coffee culture into
Malaysia market with low cost.

Island Red Cafe corporate management concept is to promote the
original coffee culture and the local tasty food with full dedication
and high professionalism.

The company emphasizes the spirit of integrity and practicality,
insist to put customers as top priority and value every franchisees
and their working opportunity with Island Red Cafe. Together
developing and welcoming the new wealthy journey of coffee.

Create a new spirit of coffee culture, with royal quality and ambitious
dream. Create characteristic service procedures according to every customer's requirements. Insist and follow the coffee corporate
management system and the franchising chain model, Island Red
Cafe management and service system directly enjoy the resources
and has the most equipped customer service organization structure.

Gave up?

How about this for business concept?

Island red cafe is updating its business model to meet consumers expectations. Our cafe chain is well-located, with great access, offering great value for quality products. The new concept of island red cafe will offer a more comprehensive menu with items that can better serve the all-day dining segment. The new layout for Cafe will incorporate an attractive display showcasing creative bakery products, serving existing signature sandwiches, wholesome hot meals and delicious deserts. The new cafe with product range catering to the different meal segment will attract continuous traffic cof customers and boost the visibility in the locations where it operate. Island red cafe with its heritage and a strong brand is poised to meet this new challenge, offering:
- quality products with a local twist
- manufacturing & production expertise

I wonder how much the joker is being paid for writing this.

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