Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fashion is to be carried with grace and posture

There you were, walking alone to your work place and of course minding your own business. Then, suddenly, you saw this beautiful white blouse with a nice brown folded skirt walking towards you. You wondered if those would look nice on you. You wondered where she had gotten those. Then, suddenly, the whole feeling changed as your eyes moved to those legs. You started to think that if not carried with grace and posture, fashion is just like an unpleasant piece of extras. She was walking with an invisible ball between her legs! Some were bornt with bended legs so there is nothing they could do except to cover it with a kind heart. But there are some who don't realize that their adapted walking style is unbearable or rather uninviting.

I know one person whom has changed practically her whole wardrobe to match her career. Unfortunately, there is just things lacking that seriuosly jeorpadize her whole appearance. The clothes look very nice piece by piece. She has learnt great taste. Too bad, she doesn't carry it. Hunched back, bad posture and tired face gave her away.

So, carry fashion with grace and posture. Maybe I should say, grace and posture create fashion.

Grace and good posture create beauty....regardless of what one wears.......or not wear.

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